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Yucheng city about 2015 institutions recruit into the scope of the interview per

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2015 Yucheng public institutions to recruit staff to enter the interview staff has been announced. The relevant matters concerning the qualification examination of the personnel entering the interview area are hereby announced as follows:
Public institutions to recruit staff qualification review work throughout the whole process of recruitment. To enter the interview range of personnel will be eligible for review, the candidates please service on July 6, 2015 to July 10th, submit the qualification review materials to Yu City and Social Council: "Yucheng institutions open recruitment registration form", "for the institution staff Cheng Xincheng Nobel book"; graduates to the school issued employment recommendation form, and can normal graduation (Graduate Diploma, degree certificate, submit a report card), the two generation ID card, residence booklet and a copy of the original; other candidates submit graduation certificate, degree certificate, registration certificate, certificate of retired soldiers, the two generation ID card, residence booklet, marriage certificate and a copy of the original, etc. Chinese higher education student information network ( verification period "the Ministry of Education Diploma electronic registration form" and a printed copy of the register requirements of the corresponding qualification certificate ; in-service personnel examination, be submitted to the unit agreed to apply for the letter of introduction; apply the directional recruitment service grass-roots project personnel certification materials required to provide the relevant service project: "three help" issued by the Department that "graduates recruitment notice" and social assessment materials; a proof material selection to serve the village college graduates "issued by the Organization Department of identification and assessment; the GWP program issued by the provincial assessment group of graduates found proof material, the Communist Youth League Central unified production service card and College Appraisal Table of volunteer service in the western region; the returned personnel examination, but also the relevant documents issued by the National Education Department certification, the Chinese embassy.
Interview candidates in the three days before the interview has not yet submitted the relevant material is regarded as a waiver. The review does not have the register condition, canceled the interview qualification, due to default or cancel the qualification by the vacancy, according to the post recruitment plan and test results from high to low in order to fill vacancies in the proper order.